Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fort-4-Fitness 4-Mile Training Log

I am planning to run the 4-mile race at this year's Fort-4-Fitness Festival in Fort Wayne on September 26. Last year my wife, Katie, and I joined our friends Craig & Jill in the Half-Marathon. None of us was willing to put the time in this summer to run the Half again, but we are all going to do the 4-mile race.

So, today was the first day of training for that race. I have no worries about finishing the race, like I did last year, but I do have a goal. I want to finish the race in less than 32 minutes. That's going to be a tough one for me to meet, but that's what I'm shooting for.

I'm going to update this Log each day that I do some training, so if it interests you check back often.

Day 1
Wednesday, July 1
2.25 miles - 20:42
This was not a fun run. I pushed myself harder than I normally would because I want to train myself to run at a faster pace than what I'm used to. It was pretty taxing, but I made it and I'm happy with that time. That's a 9:12/mile pace. I've go to get down to 8:00/mile to meet my goal. A long way to go, but a good start!

Day 2
Thursday, July 2
3 miles - 29:14
This was very much a grind-it-out run. I really didn't want to run. I almost used the weather as an excuse to not do it. There was a very, very fine mist, but nobody would call it rain. So I did it. I walked once at about the 2.5-mile mark for about 20 seconds. I'm glad I did it.

Day 3
Monday, July 6
2.25 miles - 20:28
After a long, tiring weekend, I didn't feel like getting up the 40 minutes early to run. But I did it anyway and it turned out to be a pretty good run. My pace was 9:05/mile, which is not bad for me. After lots of volleyball on Saturday and tubing Sunday, I am pretty sore. My knees were the most painful, but my feet and ankles also felt pretty bad. So, good run despite all the negatives working against me!

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