Monday, January 11, 2010

NFL Pick 'Em Playoffs Week 2 Results

Only one contestant correctly picked all four games during the opening weekend of the 2010 NFL Playoffs. Tim Emmons went 4-0, but is still five games behind leader Craig Helfrich. Craig went 1-3 and Dan Erickson went 2-2 to close Craig's lead to one game.

On the other end of the spectrum, Derry Prenkert was the only contestant to go 0-4.

On a personal note, watching the Packers-Cardinals game was excruciating, then thrilling, then agonizing, then exciting ... in the end, though, it was just sad. Oh well. The Packers had a great season (except for that loss to the Buccaneers and getting swept by the Vikings) and there should be nothing but good things on the horizon.


derryprenkert said...

It's kinda like golf, right? Lowest score wins?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Nice idea, but will this really work?