Monday, February 8, 2010

NFL Pick 'Em Super Bow/Final Results

Three of us picked the Super Bowl correctly. To be honest, though, I know at least two of us only did it because it could improve our standings. I really thought the Colts would win, but went with the Saints so I didn't end up in a tie with Rodney. And it worked!

It worked for Dan Erickson too. Since he picked the Saints, he finished in a tie for first place with Craig Helfrich. Here's the final standings:

1. Dan Erickson, 184-83

(tie) Craig Helfrich, 184-83

3. Tim Emmons, 180-87
4. Dan Weiss, 175-92
5. Rodney Jernas, 174-93
6. Geoff Cocanower, 165-102
(tie) Kevin Edwards, 165-102
8. Derry Prenkert, 162-105
(tie) Jeff Simpson, 162-105
10. Preston Edwards, 161-106
11. Jason Thompson, 153-114

The whole group finished 1865-1072, which equals 63.5% correct. Not bad!

Thanks everybody for playing and following along!

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