Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 10 of 2010

Here, in no particular order, is my Top 10 for 2010.

Top 10 what? Anything!

These are my top 10 events, experiences, people, situations, memories of this past year.

1. 10-year anniversary with my wife, Katie. We celebrated with a 10-day trip to Florida.

2. Sunday night football game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisc., with good friends.

3. Getting paid to take pictures - something I love to do.

4. The start of my 9th and 7th years with my kids, Hanah and David, respectively.

5. My small group of sophomore guys - Dustin Yoder, Jayson Linhart, Tommy Klem, Brennan Angle, Justice Smith, Kenny Bearss, Marcus Poland, Zach Lamason, Trevor Mast, Cory Waycaster and Chandler Walters.

6. Moving into a new house. It's really an old house, but it's new to us. Plus, we remodeled nearly the entire thing.

7. The Packers.

8. Family. My sister got married. So did my sister-in-law. I'm now an uncle to three girls and a baby on the way. My parents are amazing. My in-laws are almost as amazing as my parents. Life is good.

9. My job. In the midst of almost overwhelming unemployment rates, I am very thankful to have a job, let alone one that I absolutely love, like the one I have now.

10. Friendships new and old. As we moved closer to some old friends, we have been able to reconnect with them. And it seems like every year brings new friendships with it.

Honorable mention (it's hard to narrow a whole year down to just 10): Keller Park Basketball Camp, NMC Senior High Summer Camp, Golf with my dad and with friends, Disc Golf with friends, Basketball - anytime, anywhere, New opportunities, Rediscovering old favorite music thanks to Grooveshark, Working with Carter Ammerman, Buying and selling things on Craigslist, Getting to be creative at work and home, Learning new skills ...

What's your Top 10?

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