Monday, February 8, 2010

NFL Pick 'Em Super Bow/Final Results

Three of us picked the Super Bowl correctly. To be honest, though, I know at least two of us only did it because it could improve our standings. I really thought the Colts would win, but went with the Saints so I didn't end up in a tie with Rodney. And it worked!

It worked for Dan Erickson too. Since he picked the Saints, he finished in a tie for first place with Craig Helfrich. Here's the final standings:

1. Dan Erickson, 184-83

(tie) Craig Helfrich, 184-83

3. Tim Emmons, 180-87
4. Dan Weiss, 175-92
5. Rodney Jernas, 174-93
6. Geoff Cocanower, 165-102
(tie) Kevin Edwards, 165-102
8. Derry Prenkert, 162-105
(tie) Jeff Simpson, 162-105
10. Preston Edwards, 161-106
11. Jason Thompson, 153-114

The whole group finished 1865-1072, which equals 63.5% correct. Not bad!

Thanks everybody for playing and following along!

Friday, February 5, 2010

NFL Pick 'Em Super Bowl

Finally, the Super Bowl is here!

Craig can't lose, but Dan can still tie.