Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lists of 11

It's not an original idea. It's not a creative idea.

But after the last two posts, I needed to do something a bit more ... well ... masculine.

So, in honor of the year we are about to bid farewell to, here are a few lists of 11 items for this NFL season (and the upcoming postseason):

My 11 favorite NFL Players (in order):
1. Aaron Rodgers - So good. So unbelievably good.
2. Charles Woodson - Former rebel now a well-respected veteran leader. And one of the best DBs of all time.
3. Greg Jennings - He's the reason I became a Packers fan.
4. Tim Tebow - How can you not root for this guy?
5. B.J. Raji - Just because of the dance he did in the NFC Championship game last year.
6. Drew Brees - All-around great guy.
7. Jordy Nelson - Sneaky fast. Painfully humble.
8. Clay Matthews - Beast.
9. John Kuhn - Does the dirty work 95% of the time. Touches the ball 5% of the time, and usually scores.
10. Ryan Fitzpatrick - The Beard.
11. Tom Brady - This is mostly just to annoy my friends who are Colts fans. But seriously, he's a great player.

My 11 Least Favorite NFL Players (no particular order):
1. Jay Cutler - Talented QB, just don't like his demeanor.
2. Jimmy Graham - Seems cocky to me.
3. Ndamukong Suh - Great player, out of control temper, especially when getting beaten
4. Courtland Finnegan - DIRTY!!!
5. Jared Allen - He hits Aaron Rodgers too much.
6. Kyle VandenBosch - Red contacts? Come on!
7. Dunta Robinson - Stop trying to hurt people and just make a tackle.
8. Jeremy Shockey - Is he still in the NFL?
9. Mark Sanchez - GQ.
10. Brian Cushing - 'Roid rage.
11. Jim Schwartz - OK, not a player, but I'm not going to do a list of Least Favorite Coaches.

My 11 Favorite NFL Coaches (in order):
1. Mike Tomlin
2. Mike McCarthy
3. Raheem Morris
4. Jim Harbaugh
5. John Harbaugh
6. Sean Payton
7. Bill Belichick (respect, not like)
8. Lovie Smith
9. Hugh Jackson
10. Marvin Lewis
11. Chan Gailey

If I weren't a Packers fan, the first 11 teams I would cheer for (in order):
1. Ravens
2. Saints
3. Broncos
4. Saints
5. 49ers
6. Texans
7. Chargers
8. Colts
9. Buccaneers
10. Rams
11. Bills

11 Most fearsome teams the Packers could face in the playoffs (in order):
1. Bears
2. Saints
3. 49ers
4. Falcons
5. Giants
6. Steelers
7. Ravens
8. Patriots
9. Broncos
10. Raiders
11. Bengals

11 reasons why the Packers will go undefeated this year:
1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Jordy Nelson
3. Jermichael Finley
4. Charles Woodson
5. Tramon Williams
6. Clay Matthews
7. No team can keep up with their scoring.
8. They always make big plays on defense.
9. The rest of the schedule isn't that tough.
10. Homefield advantage in the playoffs.
11. Super Bowl indoors on a fast field.

11 reasons the Packers won't go undefeated this year:
1. Weak running game.
2. Injuries.
3. They will clinch No. 1 seed early.
4. The Giants like to hit the quarterback.
5. Cold weather is coming.
6. Repeating as Super Bowl champs almost never happens.
7. Defense gives up too many points.
8. They'll lose a game in the regular season and then win the Super Bowl.
9. The Bears will be desperate to make the playoffs.
10. Special Teams.
11. Too much pressure.

11 stadiums where I'd most like to watch an NFL game live:
1. Lambeau Field (Green Bay)
2. SuperDome (New Orleans)
3. Cowboys Stadium (Dallas)
4. Heinz Field (Pittsburgh)
5. Candlestick Park (San Francisco)
6. Ford Field (Detroit)
7. Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City)
8. Sports Authority Field (Denver)
9. Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego)
10. M & T Bank Stadium (Baltimore)
11. Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis)

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