Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Not Who I Used To Be

The older I get, the more I realize everyone changes. We can't stay who we were as kids, teenagers or even young adults. If we don't change, we never mature. This morning it hit me how different I am now than I was 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

When I was a kid:
I thought tomatoes were disgusting.
Now I think they are fantastic.

I thought girls were gross.
Now I know they are different, but amazing.

I thought the Bible was just a bunch of crazy stories.
Now I know it is one big story about God's crazy love for His children.

I thought riding a bike was the greatest adventure of my life.
Now I know living life is the great adventure.

I thought asking Jesus into my heart meant going to heaven.
Now I know asking Jesus into my heart was just the first step to bringing heaven to earth.

I thought my parents' coffee breath was disgusting.
Now my kids think mine is.

I thought my baseball cards would be worth a fortune someday.
Now I know I was wrong.

When I was a teenager:
I thought a date was dinner and a movie.
Now a date involves babysitters, clearing the schedule and finding a place to get away and just be with my best friend.

I thought if I worked really hard I could be a great basketball player.
Now I wish I would have worked harder to be the best I could be and a great teammate.

I thought picking on kids was funny.
Now I get angry when kids get picked on.

I thought driving a car meant freedom.
Now I often feel trapped when I'm in my car.

I wanted to be a youth pastor.
Now I see what a difficult calling that would be.

I thought missionaries were spiritually elite.
Now I know all who follow Jesus are called to be missionaries.

I thought looking and acting like a Christian was important.
Now I don't care how I look as long as I am actually following Jesus.

I thought loving my neighbor referred to the people I normally spend time with.
Now I know my neighbors include people I've never met and people I don't enjoy being with.

When I was in college:
I thought the internet was the most amazing thing in the world.
Now I think the internet is a tool to be used with great caution and moderation.

I thought war was an unfortunate, but sometimes necessary, part of our world.
Now I still think it's unfortunate and am not convinced it's ever necessary.

I thought finding a wife would be difficult.
Now I'm glad I found a best friend who became my wife.

I thought making money was important.
Now I know no amount of money can make you happy.

I thought having kids was a burden.
Now I know having kids is a burden - one that brings great joy and fun!

I thought feeding the hungry meant giving money to a charity organization.
Now I know feeding the hungry means actually feeding the hungry, by whatever means necessary.

I thought the words of Jesus were a good picture of how we should live.
Now I know the words and life of Jesus are exactly how we should live.

I thought living a comfortable life and doing some good things was enough.
Now I know living an uncomfortably weird life and loving others as I love myself is what is expected of me.

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