Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MinistryCOM takeaways - Part 1

Since I could never sufficiently recapture the significance of each general session and breakout from MinistryCOM, I'm going to share my big takeaways from each. This was my first time at an event like this and it was very valuable.
One of the main benefits, which probably won't show up in any of my big takeaways, was realizing how many people there are who do the same job as me and deal with all the same issues as me. We are a privileged group of people, but sometimes we don't feel privileged. We feel misunderstood, alone, disliked and in the way a lot of times. But, we also are blessed. We get to use our gifts to advance the Kingdom every day. We get to support our pastors and other church leaders. We get to serve the people who attend our churches.
So, here's what I learned on Day 1 of MinistryCOM 2007.

General Session 1 - Terry Storch, Digerati Pastor, LifeChurch.tv
"Communication Revolution"
1. Church 1.0 vs. Church 2.0
One-way communication vs. multi-faceted communication
Service times vs. Experiences anytime
Walls vs. Omnipresent church
Physical outreach vs. Online community organizer
Everyone invites one vs. One invites everyone
2. We have a greater opportunity than ever before to reach the world - we have to own it.

Breakout - What Tools Do You Use? (Discussion group)
1. There's way more out there than I ever imagined or thought I needed!
2. Develop a style guide - consistency is impossible without it.

Breakout - Church Marketing Lab LIVE!
1. Design is much more than making something look pretty - there has to be a concept and all the elements must support the concept.
2. Do creative briefs (more on that later)

Breakout - Dawn Nicole Baldwin, Founder & CEO, Aspire One
Branding 101
1. Definition of branding: The practice of delivering a promise that reflects the mission, uniqueness and personality of your organization.
2. If we're not intentional about defining who we are, others will do it for us.
3. Don't ask, "What are we trying to say?" but, "What conversation are we trying to create?"
4. Clarify the vision; Identify your biggest fans; Give them something to talk about; Give them tools to share the story.

General Session 2 - Brad Abare, churchmarketingsucks.com, Center for Church Communication
A Matter of Message
1. Be Salty: Pursue more of God
2. Be Transparent: Pursue your own story
3. Think Local: Pursue Others
4. Keep it Simple: Purse a life of less

Like I said, this is in no way intended to capture all of what went on at MinistryCOM, but share with you my biggest lessons learned. If anyone wants more information, or clarification, on any of what I shared, please ask. That's it for Day 1. Tomorrow I'll give you the rundown of Day 2.

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