Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday David!

As unbelievable as it was when my daughter Hanah turned 6 in May, it is maybe even more unbelievable that today my son David turns 4 years old. He's our youngest and to think we've been enjoying him for 4 whole years is hard to comprehend.

David is a high-energy, high-emotion kid who is a ton of fun to play with and talk to. He's got an incredible imagination and a no-fear approach to life. I'll never forget the time last year when he tried to ride his tricycle down the steps of our front deck! I was inside, heard the crash and the crying and thought for sure he was going to be gushing blood from his head. But he escaped with some minor scrapes on his hands.

Right now David loves cowboys. So, as you can see, his birthday presents were cowboy gear - including a new hat, boots and a pair of guns with holsters. The guns are actually cap guns (remember cap guns?) but he didn't really like the sound or smell of the caps so he's not using the caps. Hanah enjoys the caps, however, so they'll get used up. Can you see her pointing a gun at David in the background?

I'm so proud of my kids. I'm so blessed to have them and I love being their dad.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

*Edit: I almost forgot to mention that David shares a birthday with one of my best friends in the world: Derry Prenkert. Derry turns 32 today. Happy birthday!


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