Monday, October 20, 2008

A Weekend With My Wife

Katie and I did something we've only done once before since we've had kids - went away by ourselves for more than one night.

Thanks to the generosity of some wonderful people, we spent the weekend in a cabin in Ludington, Mich. If you don't know where Ludington is, it's about halfway up the west coast of Michigan, right on Lake Michigan.

It was a great time to reconnect with each other. We love our kids to death, but it's often difficult to really be together with my wife while there are two little kids running around and begging for our attention. They stayed with my parents for the weekend and had a great time.

Some of the highlights of our Ludington trip:

- Watching the sunset Saturday night (pictures below)
- Sleeping in late (no pictures)
- Driving to, and walking around, Pentwater, a place where my family vacationed several times while I was in high school (pictures below)
- Relaxing at the cabin

Enjoy the photos:

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