Monday, May 4, 2009

Kentucky Weekend

Man, what a fun time it was in Kentucky this past weekend. I rode with Mark Troyer and Jason Gingerich down to Lexington where we visited Dan Erickson and his family. Dan's brother Mike was also there.

The main reason we went down was to go to the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, but probably the best part of the weekend was just hanging out with each other again. Dan, Mark and I were all good friends throughout college. Jason and Dan were on the tennis team together and became really good friends. And Mike is Dan's brother, but he fit in with the group perfectly.

Below you'll see some pictures of some of our adventures over the weekend. Unfortunately, I was not able to take my camera to the Derby because it was supposed to rain the whole day and I didn't want to risk damaging it. Of course, it didn't rain once and I could have come home with some great shots from the biggest horse race of the year!!!! Oh well.

Enjoy the pictures of us playing disc golf and exploring the Natural Bridge State Park.

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