Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NFL Pick 'Em Week 9 results

Well, we had a bit of a problem last week. As you can see above, there's three guys with yellow letters below their names. Those three did not turn in their picks last week. In order to keep them in the game, they were given a record one game worse than the worse record of those who turned in their picks. So Geoff, Preston and Jason each received a record of 5-8 for Week 9.

Of course, Craig is still in the lead at 92-37. Tim Emmons has taken over second place at 87-42 while I am tied with Dan Erickson for third at 85-44. Derry has made a nice comeback to move into fifth all by himself at 84-45.

As a group, our overall record is 907-512, which is a .639 correct pick percentage. I think we can do better!

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