Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Creative - Porch Swing

Easter weekend turned out to be a long weekend for me because I was given an unexpected day off for Good Friday. It also turned out to be a productive weekend because Katie and I decided to use the extra free time to finally get some furniture on our porch.

Well, we didn't go out and get furniture, we made it! The swing you see above is what we spent much of our weekend on and it has turned out to be a great time investment already. Katie and I were inspired by this swing, then tweaked it a bit to come up with our design. We already had a lot of the wood laying around our house, so we were able to keep costs low. We were given an old crib mattress by a friend and that determined our size.

The reason I say it has turned out to be a good time investment is because just this morning Katie was able to spend some high-quality time with our kids on the swing, just cuddling and talking. That makes it all worth it!

I'm starting to realize that projects like this are always fun for me, but even more fun when the end product gets used and loved by my family or others who visit our home. So, it really all comes down to relationships because if I spend time making something that nobody ever benefits from, I've simply taken time away from others to work on a project. But when that product blesses somebody else or enhances our time together, then it's well worth the time!

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