Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dunking in the sanctuary?

I may be getting old, but today I proved to myself that all of the magic isn't gone. I pulled off a nasty, Dominique Wilkins windmill dunk.

Of course, the rim was only about 7 feet high and was on the stage in NMC's Worship Center, but that's beside the point.

Why was there a basketball hoop on the stage in the worship center? I'm glad you asked!

NMC Junior High Pastor Jason Thompson heads up the church's Upward Basketball League, which attracts hundreds of children each winter.

This year, there are about 50 kids in the leauge who claim to have no church affiliation. That's where this stage set comes in. (said dunk occurred on the right-hand basket)

Tonight is the Upward Awards Night, a night to honor the kids, coaches and volunteers who have helped make the league a success. It is also a chance to present the Gospel. Illusionist Jared Hall will be performing and those in attendance will definitely be given a chance to accept Christ.

It's great to work at a place that goes to incredible lengths to reach people for Christ. I'm praying tonight will be a success from that perspective!

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Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

Aah, basketball. I vividly remember how frustrated I could make you on the basketball court, not because I was even remotely competent, but because I was such a dirty player and usually ended up guarding you. I don't remember any windmill dunks with me hanging on your shirt!