Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Dan's 16 Team

As requested by Rob, here's the draft results for my team and the subsequent moves I've made. Keep in mind that the scoring in this league makes QBs, RBs and WRs more equal than most leagues.

Round 1 = Randy Moss, WR, New England
Round 2 = Jamal Lewis, RB, Cleveland
Round 3 = Wes Welker, WR, New England
Round 4 = Matt Forte, RB, Chicago
Round 5 = Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants
Round 6 = Joey Galloway, WR, Tampa Bay
Round 7 = Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Miami
Round 8 = Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay
Round 9 = DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia
Round 10 = Ben Obamanu, WR, Seattle
Round 11 = Chris Henry, RB, Tennessee
Round 12 = Kolby Smith, RB, Kansas City
Round 13 = James Jones, WR, Green Bay
Round 14 = Tim Hightower, RB, Arizona
Round 15 = Darren Sproles, RB, San Diego
Round 16 = Lawrence Tynes, K, New York Giants

Obviously, I made some poor choices (Ben Obamanu) and some illogical choices (Aaron Rodgers), but overall I think I ended up in a pretty good spot.

Since the draft, there have been moves aplenty for my team - making for what I think is a very solid lineup. Here's the moves:

Traded away DeSean Jackson for Giants' tight end Kevin Boss - wish I hadn't done that one.
Traded away Eli Manning for Dallas wide receiver Terrell Owens - couldn't be happier about that one!
Dropped Ben Obamanu for the Denver defense - needed a defense and Obamanu is probably out for the season so this was a necessity.
Dropped Chris Henry for Lions' kicker Jason Hanson - again, needed a kicker because Tynes is hurt and Henry is buried in the depth chart so this was an easy move to make.
Dropped Darren Sproles for Browns' running back Jason Wright - this was simply a move to backup Jamal Lewis in case his hamstring isn't 100% healthy.

In week one, I beat Derry Prenkert 111-89. My point total was the fourth best in the league. I"m a bit concerned about Moss and Welker because of the Tom Brady injury. That's why I wish I had held on to DeSean Jackson. Decent receivers are hard to come by in this league, so I hope Matt Cassel is a strong replacement.

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Rob said...

For a league that deep, it looks pretty good, though trading away Eli leaves you without a backup QB if Rodgers goes down. I'm guessing you've got a claim in for Cassel right now. I don't know if Pierre Thomas (RB-NO) and Eddie Royal (WR-DEN) were drafted, but they're on my list to try to pick up in my league this week. If you need another TE, Fasano is looking like a good bet...

No matter what your record ends up being, you beat Derry...and that's what counts, right?