Friday, March 20, 2009

The Weiss Family March Madness Challenge

Every year (well, starting last year) my wife, kids and I make our NCAA Tournament picks and see who gets the most right. It is a pretty fun thing to do with the kids because they don't know much about basketball but they still get really excited to pick the teams.

I read aloud the two teams playing against each other, including full team name and mascot, and they choose one. We go through the whole tournament that way and they normally end up with some very interesting choices.

Some of the kids' favorites this year included Ohio State Buckeyes, Memphis Tigers, Binghamton Bearcats, American Eagles and the Cal State Northridge Matadors. This year, unlike last year, both kids have a fairly reasonable choice for their national champion: Hanah picked Ohio State and David picked Memphis.

After the first day of the tournament, here's the standings:

Katie 13-3
Dan 10-6
David 7-9
Hanah 6-10

Guys, don't worry, I'm OK with losing to my wife. I'm used to it. When you marry a former All-American athlete (NAIA and NCCAA volleyball) you better accept the fact that you're not gonna win 'em all!

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