Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What I'm Listening To

It's been awhile since I've found any new music that has really hooked me. But it happened yesterday.

One of my favorite podcasts is The BS Report with Bill Simmons. The podcast has a pretty cool intro song and I've always wondered who that song is by. A quick search on YouTube quickly revealed the answer.

A guy named Ronald Jenkees wrote and performed the song. He also provides some commentary during the podcast intro. This guys is very unique and if you watch the video below you'll probably want to watch more - which I encourage you to do. You'll probably have some questions about him after watching him, but if you go to his website he's got a pretty good description of himself.

So, without further ado, enjoy Derty by Ronald Jenkees ...


farhad said...

Hey man, what was the great point in this music and the video clip. i have been some kinda like a fan of your blog and have added your blog into mine but i didnt understand this post at all. if you tell me the interesting point of this music i would be very thankful.

Dan Weiss said...

Well, farhad, I appreciate you reading my blog and becoming a fan of it, but I wasn't really trying to make a point with the video. All I was doing was pointing out to anyone who reads my blog that I've found a new musician who makes entertaining music. I thought maybe someone who reads and watches the video might also like the music. That's it, no other point.
Again, thanks for reading.