Friday, October 16, 2009

NFL Pick 'Em Week 10

Here we go again! Week 6 is almost here and the NFL Pick 'Em challenge rolls on. Craig Helfrich has a large lead (5 games) but it's a long season and nobody (not even Preston Edwards - 13 games back) is out of it yet.

So, here's how my Week 6 picks happened:

Cincinnati over Houston - This was a very tough call for me. I find myself rooting for Houston a lot - probably because I spent a lot of money on Andre Johnson in an auction draft. But it's hard to deny what the Bengals have accomplished so far this year.

Green Bay over Detroit - I'm probably going to pick Green Bay every week of the season because I'm a fan, but this week was a no-brainer. I think Detroit is on the right track, but a long way from winning at Lambeau.

Baltimore over Minnesota - This was a very tough call. In the end it came down to not believing the Ravens could lose three games in a row. I think they're too good. But I also think the Vikings are good, so this could be a great game.

New Orleans over NY Giants - I pick these games early in the week, usually Monday or Tuesday. So I'm not sure why I went this way. Maybe it's just because the Saints are at home ... I don't know.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland - The only thing I wasn't sure about on this one is whether to start Hines Ward. I hope he gets in the end zone this week.

Carolina over Tampa Bay - If my kids do something really bad this weekend, the punishment will be making them watch this game.

Washington over Kansas City - Wait, a better punishment would be making them watch this game.

Jacksonville over St. Louis - After getting pounded by Seattle last week, this is just what the Jags need.

Arizona over Seattle - Does anybody know what to make of the Seahawks? I think the Cardinals are tough to pick against when facing mediocre teams. They've just got too many weapons.

Philadelphia over Oakland - The best part of this game may be getting to watch Michael Vick play in mop-up time.

New England over Tennessee - This is scary because Tennessee has got to win a game eventually. It's probably not going to happen this week, though.

NY Jets over Buffalo - I have a feeling the Jets put a whooping on the Bills this week after losing to Miami last week.

Atlanta over Chicago - I'm glad this one's the late game because it should be a great one. I won't be surprised, or even that disappointed, if I'm wrong here.

San Diego over Denver - I will probably regret this one, but Denver's not going undefeated and this is a big divisional game for the Chargers.

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