Friday, October 2, 2009

NFL Pick 'Em Week 4

Last week was a pretty good one for the whole group. We averaged 11 correct picks. Things are tight at the top and there are some tough picks this week.

Here's why I picked the way I did:

Chicago over Detroit - The Bears are rolling pretty well and I think it's way too early to predict a Lions' winning streak.

Cincinnati over Cleveland - I'm worried about this one only because everyone picked the Bengals. But it's hard to pick Cleveland with as bad as they've played.

Indianapolis over Seattle - While I think the Colts play better on the road, they're too good to get beat at home by Seattle.

NY Giants over Kansas City - The Chiefs are bad.

Baltimore over New England - In my mind this is the game of the week. And the best part is it could be an offensive shootout. I think both teams are strong on offense and the Ravens are probably better on defense. I'm wacko for Flacco!

Washington over Tampa Bay - This was a tough one just because it's hard to figure out which team is worse.

Tennessee over Jacksonville - The Titans have to win this week, right? There's no way this team goes 0-4, right? Right? Please!

Houston over Oakland - I like the Texans. They are fun to watch. Oakland has a quarterback who weighs nearly 300 pounds. That's not very fun to watch.

New Orleans over NY Jets - I believe in the Jets' defense, but not against the Saints' offense.

Miami over Buffalo - T.O.'s destruction of the Bills continues.

San Francisco over St. Louis - The 49ers are on the verge of something special. The defense is really good. Neither of those statements applies to the Rams.

Dallas over Denver - Even if Marion Barber and Felix Jones don't play, I think the Cowboys are better than Denver.

Pittsburgh over San Diego - This is another great game. It's at Pittsburgh and that's probably the biggest factor in my pick.

Green Bay over Minnesota - I'm one of only two that picked the Packers, but I'm looking at it as an opportunity to gain some ground. I really think this game is an even matchup, so I had to go with my heart.

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Geoff Cocanower said...

looks like we could be separating the men from the boys this week...