Friday, October 23, 2009

NFL Pick 'Em Week 7

Week 7 already? It's hard to believe, but here we go:

Green Bay over Cleveland - This was a very easy pick because the Browns are really bad. Plus, you know I love me some Packers!

San Diego over Kansas City - The Chiefs are bad. The Bolts are not bad. Easy pick.

Indianapolis over St. Louis - The Colts may be the best team in the NFL (yes, I just said that) and the Rams may be the worst.

Pittsburgh over Minnesota - GREAT GAME! Tough pick. But the Vikings cannot stay undefeated forever, right? I hope Troy Polamalu is back for the Steelers and picks off Brett Favre.

New England over Tampa Bay - This game is in London, not that it really matters. I think last week's pummeling of the Titans may be a sign of things to come from the Patriots, so I like them to win big this week.

Houston over San Francisco - Really good game. Two teams who are really close to being really really good, but can't seem to get over the hump. Tough pick, but Houston is at home, so that's why I picked the Texans.

Carolina over Buffalo - I can't think of a game involving either of these two teams that I would want to watch.

NY Jets over Oakland - If the Jets are really a good team, they'll rebound from two straight losses against this really bad Raiders team.

Atlanta over Dallas - This one is at Dallas, so it wouldn't surprise me if the Cowboys won, but I think the Falcons are really good.

Cincinnati over Chicago - This was a tough call for me, but the game is at Cincinnati and since the Bengals lost last week to Houston, I think there's some motivation to win this one. Plus I could see Cedric Benson really taking it to his old team.

New Orleans over Miami - Even the Wildcat offense isn't enough for the Fish to beat another team vying for the title of best team in the NFL.

NY Giants over Arizona - The G Men are not a great pass defense, but they're going to put enough pressure on Kurt Warner to keep him in check.

Philadelphia over Washington - This is a pretty bad MNF game, but it's still a division rivalry I guess. The Eagles lost to Oakland last week and are probably going to take out their frustrations on the Redskins.

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