Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As much as I've dreamed of living in a tropical climate, I have to admit that I love the seasons we get to experience here in northern Indiana.

My favorite season of all is fall, which is almost here and I'm excited. I love the way the air feels crisp and the colors are warm even if the weather is not. I love it when I can wear shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt and be completely comfortable.

Watching things change as the seasons change is probably the best part of the whole thing. Seeing the corn go from green to brown, the trees go from green to all sorts of colors and the mornings go from warm to cool is something I never want to miss.

I love the seasons life brings and takes away as well. Right now is a season of uncertainty, determination, achievement, change and failure in my family's life. It's also a season of expectation, excitement and comfort.

So many things are about to change for us: Hanah is going to start school next week, with Katie as her teacher; David is almost four years old and will take part in some of the school lessons; We think we'll be moving away from the lake in the next few months and into a big, old, beautiful house in Mishawaka; Katie and I will be able to call ourselves half-marathoners at the end of September.

I'm excited for all of these changes, yet unsure what they will bring about. But that's the beauty of seasons - you get some good (fall, summer and spring) and some bad (winter) but there's always another one on the way!

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