Friday, August 8, 2008

The World's Second-Best Sporting Event

I've called the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament the world's greatest sporting event far too many times to go back on it now, so I'll have to designate the Summer Olympics as the world's second-best sporting event.

Every time the Summer Olympics roll around I get this new feeling of national pride and anticipation. I want the United States to win every event and every medal. That desire soon fades as I watch the unknown athletes from small countries achieving history and making their people proud.

Then there are the stories of amazing commitment, bravery and overcoming obstacles and adversity. Watching Derek Redmond - with the help of his father - finish the 400 meter race after an injury took him out of contention to win was something I'll never forget.

Watching the pride and joy on the faces of Olympic medal winners can nearly bring me to tears.

I can't wait to watch a whole new set of stories unfold as this year's Olympics unfold in Beijing.

What's your favorite Olympic memory?

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faye said...

Have been reading your Blog since I found out you put it in my favorites.....very interesting and just like talking with you, well the next best thing.......will be commenting more if I manage to get this sent.....your not too swift computer grandmother.