Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Drive to Remember

Warning: The contents of this post are very random.

I just got back from a drive to Goshen and here's some things I saw while driving, and my subsequent thoughts:

  • A couple guys working with chain saws. My thought: Why is my stomach feeling all queasy?
  • A man with no shirt riding his lawn mower and holding a bottle of beer. My thoughts: I wonder if that was part of his dream? I wonder if that is part of the American dream? (Not sure why I thought that)
  • A truck spraying a new white line on State Road 19, followed by a truck with a flashing sign that said, "Wet paint," "Stay off line," followed by a garbage truck that was consistently moving over to the line and spreading the wet paint through the southbound lane. My thoughts: Can he not read? Does he not care? Is he unable to control his truck? Is he having fun?
I told you it was really random.

1 comment:

Tim Berkey said...

i love it. i read this and chuckled deep down.:)