Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally ... My TOMS!

It's been two years and 86 days since I wrote this post about my then-recent discovery of TOMS shoes. I fully intended to buy a pair at that time, but never did.

This summer I joined the Student Ministries team at my church and learned about a movement to seriously address the issues of Kids In Need this school year. Somebody brought up TOMS shoes and the way they give a pair of shoes to kids in need every time somebody buys a pair of shoes. It reminded me of my good intentions nearly two years ago.

Over the weekend I received a check as an early birthday present and yesterday I used part of that money to finally purchase my TOMS (brown corduroy, pictured above)! I'm so excited because I get a great new pair of shoes. But even better than that, there's a child somewhere in the world who can't afford shoes and will now be given his/her own pair. This will help prevent any number of diseases as well as protect his/her feet from injury.

When I look at my closet I can't believe how much stuff I have in there. I have so many clothes and so many pairs of shoes and I don't even wear many of them anymore. When most of the world lives in what I would consider a state of poverty, why should I have so much and give so little? It's time for something to change.

If you are interested in buying a pair of TOMS, please do it today! Don't wait more than two years like I did. Even if you're not interested in owning a pair of TOMS, please at least take a few minutes to stop by the TOMS website and read this page explaining why they do what they do. It's worth it!

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