Friday, September 18, 2009

NFL Pick 'Em Week 2

That handy little graphic above spells out all the necessary information for Week 2 of the NFL Pick 'Em challenge, but I'm going to go into a little more detail on my picks for this week.

Atlanta over Carolina: Mostly, this is a home-field pick, but I also cannot fathom picking a team quarterbacked by Jake Delhomme to win.

Minnesota over Detroit: I was a bit surprised at how easily the Vikings handled the Browns last week and, while I'm still not convinced that Minnesota is really good, the Lions are not going to be much of a match for them this week. The Lions will have to win a game before I pick them.

Green Bay over Cincinnati: I wrote on Facebook the other day how I am enjoying having a team to cheer for this season, but there's a sense of nervousness that I didn't expect. This game has me very nervous, mostly because everyone in the challenge picked the Packers. But I really liked a lot of what I saw from Green Bay last week, especially on defense.

Tennessee over Houston: As much as I think Houston is a team on the verge of being really good, I can't see the Titans losing at home after getting beat last week.

Kansas City over Oakland: This is one of those games where you wish you didn't have to choose a winner. Oakland's defense is probably better, but Kansas City's offense is probably more potent. This is a home-field advantage pick.

New England over NY Jets: Here's another one I don't feel real confident about. The Patriots usually step up in big games, especially when Tom Brady is in the game, so that's how I made this choice.

New Orleans over Philly: The ONLY reason I didn't agonize over this decision is because Donovan McNabb is not playing for the Eagles. The Saints are fun to watch and hard to stop.

Washington over St. Louis: The Rams are just bad and I think Washington would have a shot at winning any other division of the NFC.

Jacksonville over Arizona: Another tough one to pick because I really like Arizona. I also think the Jags are pretty good and won't take a second consecutive loss, especially on their home field.

Buffalo over Tampa Bay: Hopefully the Bills don't deflate after such a gutsy performance against the Patriots last week. Who plays for Tampa?

Seattle over San Francisco: A slight underdog heading into this game, I have a feeling that the Seahawks are in for another good season if they can stay healthy. I also like the 49ers, but Seattle's defense is pretty solid.

Pittsburgh over Chicago: I cannot believe three people in the challenge picked the Bears here. I mean, the Steelers took care of business, albeit in overtime, last week against a good Titans team. Jay Cutler threw four interceptions last week and Brian Urlacher is out for the season. What about this makes you think the Bears will win?

Baltimore over San Diego: If I had to choose an AFC team to cheer for right now, it would be the Ravens. I also like the Chargers so this was a tough pick. I am very impressed with Joe Flacco and the Baltimore defense is always stingy.

Denver over Cleveland: The Browns' pathetic showing last week made this an easy pick.

Dallas over NY Giants: The ONLY reason I felt safe picking the Cowboys is because the game is in Dallas.

Indianapolis over Miami: Just playing the odds here.

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