Monday, December 31, 2007

Fantasy wrap-up

As promised, here are the final words on my 2007 Fantasy Football season.

I won the championship in two leagues and finished fourth in another.

From the three teams I had, here's my All-Star starting lineup:
QB: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
RB: LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers
RB: Ryan Grant, Green Bay Packers
WR: Braylon Edwards, Cleveland Browns
WR: Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers
WR: Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints
W/R (flex): Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts
TE: Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys
K: Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers
DEF: Green Bay Packers

Most Valuable Player: Drew Brees - most people say running backs are the most important Fantasy players, and I see their point, but I believe the quarterback is the most important because he usually can score the most points. Brees struggled early in the season, but finished up with another great season.
Surprise Player: Ryan Grant - having seen him play at ND, I never expected him to play in the NFL.
Disappointing Player: Marvin Harrison (WR, Indianapolis Colts) - To his credit, he's injured. But even when healthy, the future hall-of-famer was very inconsistent. He's still a top-notch receiver, but I'm ready to drop him in favor of a younger player.
Player I'm Most Likely To Keep Next Year: LaDainian Tomlinson - I think he's got a few more years of strong production left, and he's so versatile that it's tough to let go of him. Greg Jennings was a close second in this category.

Getting away from Fantasy Football, here's my official predictions for the NFL Playoffs:
First round
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
San Diego over Tennessee
Seattle over Washington
Tampa Bay over New York

Second round
New England over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over San Diego
Dallas over Washington
Green Bay over Tampa Bay

Third round
New England over Indianapolis
Green Bay over Dallas

Super Bowl
New England over Green Bay

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Craig Helfrich said...

You would pick the Patriots!