Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Team

It has come to my attention in the last few months that I am very unusual.

Some of you already knew that, but for the rest of you, I'll try to explain.

I don't have a team I claim as My Team.

Most of my friends have their various teams they cheer for on a regular basis. They stick by those teams in good times and in bad. They are not fair-weather fans. They are die-hards.

Me, not so much.

For a long time now my philosophy has been to simply enjoy sports with no special affinity for any certain team. That way I can almost always enjoy whatever game I'm watching because I don't care who wins. I just like to see good games.

Well, apparently this philosophy does not sit too well with the folks who don't feel the same way. They call me names. They make fun of me. They think I'm simple.

I understand their way of thinking. I understand having strong emotional ties to certain teams.

At one point in my life I considered myself a Notre Dame football and North Carolina basketball fan. I used to care a great deal about those teams. But I grew out of it.

Now, as a gesture of compassion to those who I've offended with my sport worldview, I'm going to choose a team to call my own.

This was not an easy decision for me, and I'm almost perturbed to have come to this conclusion. But, after listening to coach Tony Dungy on Focus on the Family for the past two days, I can't help but support him and, thus, buy into the fascination of many of my friends and become a fan of the Indianapolis Colts.

Be warned, friends who are fans of the young horses, my allegiance is based solely on my respect for coach Dungy, not necessarily on the merits of the team he now coaches. Understand that should Dungy cease to coach the Indianapolis Colts, my affinity will follow wherever he goes. So, enjoy it while it lasts!

Also know this: You will not see me wearing any apparel with a horseshoe on it. I cannot, in good conscience, endorse this pathetic logo. I accept the colors of royal blue and white, but please don't ask me to don the horseshoe!
Finally, since the Colts are part of the National Football League, my old philosophy remains intact for all other football leagues and all other sports.

Go Colts!


Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

This is all quite reasonable and generally mirror my sentiments- except when it comes to the Cubs. So, if I might make a recommendation for a team to invest yourself in, I would recommend the Cubs. You will not be disappointed. Plus, you get to learn such innovative statements as "Go Cubs Go!" and "There's always next year!"

Disclaimer: Following the Cubs may cause disappointment, stomach cramps, headaches, moodiness, drowsiness, fatigue, dry mouth, "dead leg," paranoia, schizophrenia, despair, road rage, heartburn, indigestion,and numbness in your left arm. If any of these symptoms occur, too bad, because when you're a Cub fan you're in for life. You may wish to consult a therapist. Also, while it is likely that there will be a next year, The Chicago Cubs nor The Tribune Corporation can be held responsible for what happens next year, and it will probably not live up to your expectations. If this is the case, we recommend lowering your expectations.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you finally woke up :)