Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm 29 days into the No-Mt. Dew Challenge and, for whatever reason, today was a tough one. I kept looking over at the little change tray by my desk and thinking about taking a short walk to the pop machine for a cool, refreshing beverage.

But, I didn't give in. No way.

Why didn't I give in? I've got the right motivation - a challenge!

So, why can't I be so successful resisting other temptations - the ones that have spiritual significance? Do I need a challenger?

Will someone please join me in a No-Idolatry Challenge, or a No-Pride Challenge, or even a No-Selfishness Challenge?

I know I shouldn't need extra motivation for doing what is right and pleasing to my Savior. I should just want to please Him with my obedience, but right now it's not enough. I struggle every day with those things.

My wife shared with our Small Group tonight a message she heard from Alison Gingerich about Time Alone With God. It really made me think about my relationship with my heavenly Father. How can I claim to love Him and serve Him if I never spend time with Him? I can't.

So, who's up for a Time Alone With God Challenge?


Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

What do you propose? Whether I'm up for it or not, I need it.

Rachel said...

would you create a clever graphic element we could post on our blogs to track our progress, like your cans of dew? that'd be supercool ... and much like you, i need a challenge to keep me in the game. actually, i think it's more accurate to say it's a need for accountability, for me to give account to someone to keep me on track. i read the tawg blog before you posted it here ... god has been putting that in my face a lot lately and it's interesting to me that you struggle with it, too. it seems a lot of people i know are struggling with that right now.