Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What do I do?

You may wonder what the graphic designer at a church does all day. After all, how much need is there at a church for graphic design, right?

While I do more than just graphic design, there is actually a pretty good deal of design work to be done. My days are usually filled with a few big projects and lots of little projects - making for pretty full days.

As I was skimming through my "Misc" folder today (that's the folder for things that don't exactly fit into a clear category) I found a couple examples of things I've come up with fairly recently. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the range of things the different ministries at NMC need.

This first one is a design for the Quiz Team's shirts. They're studying Joseph this year.

This logo is for Kenya Night, an event organized by Senior High students to raise awareness, prayer and financial support for two ministries in Kenya: The Abandoned Baby Center and The Maasai Project. You can find out more about Kenya Night here.

This logo is for Fanning the Flame, the annual series of revival meetings we have at NMC. Every year we bring in top-notch speakers and worship leaders.

Finally, this is an early concept for a new ministry starting at NMC called Nexus. It's a 30+ singles ministry. This logo may or may not actuall be used. It's just one concept I worked on today.

Now, if you want to find out what work by real designers looks like, go here!

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Rachel said...

yeah, i want your job ... only i'd need some updated schooling on some programs ... our church lost its designer over the summer and has been winging it with prepackaged/purchased stuff and the hiring of various one-jobbers ... i can't believe a church of our size continues to go without a marketing/design person (our attendance is about 1,000ish -- River Oaks in Goshen). i secretly keep hoping they'll see this need and offer me a full-time combined position of elementary ministry coordinator and designer extraordinare, but i don't see it happening. i even mentioned it this summer when the position was vacated, but i think our children's minister thinks my time would be taken up by design and there'd be no time for the ministry.
you have some pretty cool stuff here. you've come a long way since your days at the Trib. did you teach yourself all that or did you take classes?