Monday, January 7, 2008

Resolutions that work

I want to thank you. You have helped me achieve a much higher success rate with my various resolutions than ever before in my life.

You may be wondering how you helped. You've simply given me an audience to share my resolutions with and, therefore, some accountability to stick to them. I haven't achieved every resolution, but I've done pretty well.

Corey Mann, on whose blog you can almost always find a new post, recently linked to an article about why people fail at resolutions and it made me realize how this blog and its reader(s) have helped me not fail as often.

By the way, it wasn't labeled as a resolution, but the Mountain Dew counter at the top right corner of this blog is a good example of something that is working. I'm only five days in, but I have no intentions of quitting. Why?
1. It's not a BIG thing - it's simple.
2. It matters to me - it's personal.
3. It's written down.
4. I update the counter every day - I'm seeing my progress regularly.
5. If someone leaves a comment, I go back to the original post about this resolution.
6. I've shared this resolution with potentially thousands of people (although, it's more likely that only a handful of people know about it)
7. Jeff is my challenger in this resolution, a sort of support group. Others have encoraged me as well.


Rachel said...

and you know what? i come to your blog more often to see how you're doing with that whole soda thing ... so whether you like it or not, you've gained one more regular fan! i'm enjoying seeing you succeed in this and in a round about kinda way, it's helped me with a few of my own. hey, i've blogged twice in the last week!

Lynette said...

Maybe I should put a counter on mine so I could stop drinking it. Very clever Dan.