Monday, January 19, 2009

NFL Predictions - Week 10 Results

Well, it was a perfect week for three of the four challengers! Dan, Derry and I all predicted wins by the Cardinals and Steelers. Craig, however, went with the Eagles and, thus, went 1-1.

I refuse to talk any trash to Craig at this point because I think he saw my picks and decided to give me a chance to catch up. See, he was up by one going into this past weekend and could have easily mimicked my picks to give me no chance to catch up and, possibly, win the challenge. Craig, however, is a competitor and decided to give me a chance. Now, we are tied with one game left and I can't see us doing anything but picking differently so somebody wins.

The Steelers are going to surely be favored, so I'll have no problem letting Craig have them. I'll gladly take the Cardinals, only because I think they really have a good chance to win.

We've got two weeks to get it all figured out, and I'm sure he and I will go back and forth several times between now and then. In the end, though, it will make the Super Bowl all the more interesting for us. Can't wait!

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