Friday, January 16, 2009

NFL Predictions - Week 10

I am one game behind Craig in the Challenge, so I hope he doesn't pick the same way I do or else I've got no chance. I'm guessing he'll go in a different direction just to keep things interesting and maybe set up a winner-takes-all Super Bowl!

The conference championship games are so hard to pick this year! Even though I could show you proof that I thought the Ravens, Steelers and Cardinals all had it in them to do well in the Playoffs, I am not confident picking any of them to win their games.

Oh well, I'll just take my chances:

Eagles at Cardinals - Here are some of the things I've said about the Cardinals this season:

I still think the Cardinals could do some damage in the playoffs, depending on how home field works out.
The defense is for real and Kurt Warner could throw for 450 yards and 4 TDs. By the way, is there a tougher guy in the NFL than Anquan Boldin - are you kidding me? How is he back to an elite level after that nasty injury?
Cardinals have clinched their division and playoff spot, but the Patriots still have EVERYTHING to play for. Plus, the Cardinals don't appear to be as good as I once thought they were.
Arizona is the most meaningless team in the playoffs!

So, I was right some and wrong some, but at least I gave the Cardinals credit early. I hope they stay hot like they've been so far in the playoffs. The Eagles are hot, too, but I give the edge to the Cardinals at home.

Ravens at Steelers - Here's what I said about the Steelers this season:

I believe in the Steelers. The defense is solid. The offense is effective.
I still think the Steelers are the real deal.
I still think the Steelers are a legitimate Super Bowl contender.
I've been saying it for several weeks, but I think the Steelers are for real. Now, I'm starting to think they're the best team in the NFL. Their schedule has been brutal and yet they're 11-3.

After reading that, how could I pick against Pittsburgh? I still believe their defense is great and even though the offense is not amazing, there are some weapons there.

So, I believe it's going to be the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl. Crazy, huh?

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