Friday, January 2, 2009

NFL Predictions - Week 8 (Playoffs!!???)

I'm playing from behind here, trailing Craig by three games. There's only 11 games left in the season, and only four this weekend, so I have to make up ground fast. I'm putting myself at a serious disadvantage because I don't think any of the other guys have made their picks yet, but here it goes:

Falcons at Cardinals - OK, I know this seems like a crazy pick, but stop and think about how crazy it sounds to pick the Falcons to win a playoff game! Honestly, I think the Falcons are probably the better team and I'd like them to keep this great story going, but the Cardinals are really good at home. They have an offense that's tough to contain. And they can't possibly play as bad as they have the past few weeks, right? (Plus, I have a feeling Craig is going to pick Atlanta, so this gives me a chance to gain on him)

Colts at Chargers - No 8-8 team deserves to be in the playoffs, let alone win a playoff game! The Colts haven't lost in a LONG time and I don't think their streak ends this weekend.

Ravens at Dolphins - Baltimore's defense is just too good. The Dolphins seem like a finesse team while the Ravens seem like a team that wants to knock somebody down and stomp on their throats.

Eagles at Vikings - The Vikings were the least bad in a bad division (much like the Cardinals and Chargers) so I think a team from a really good division should have their way with the Vikings.

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