Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Somewhere between 15 and 60

If you read my post about quotes and followed the link, you might have come across this one:

"... make it a habit to have conversations with people half your age and twice your age." - scottmeier

I spent most of my day yesterday on the beach with my family and another family who has children just a little younger than mine. It was a lot of fun. The kids made it incredible.
The wonder, fear, excitement and disappointment they go through in short periods of time is fun to watch. The things they say are worth remembering. I just wish I could know all their thoughts. What a fun world they live in!

I also spent time this weekend with a couple who has kids much older than mine. These people aren't twice my age, not even close, but old enough to have experienced way more of life than I. Neal and Leslie Yoder live near us in the summer and have become good friends over the past month. Their generosity is unbelievable. I think Neal's still mad at me for not using his boat yet! I love to listen to them because they know where I'm at in life and how quickly I'll be in a new place. Their perspective is valuable to me because I've always been weak at seeing the big picture. Their friendship is valuable to me because they make me feel important, worthy and loved. They are valuable to me because they are valuable to Jesus and their love for Him is perfectly evident in their lives.

So, I'm 30 (almost 31) and I didn't exactly have conversations with someone 15, or someone 60, but I think I realized the intent of the quote. The perspectives I saw this weekend helped balance me. Hopefully, every week can be as balanced as this past one!


Kalyn Lantz said...

Good stuff Dan! Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Dan, We love you guys. Your family is so special to us and we feel blessed to have you for neighbors and friends. You're doing beautifully with your family!!!! Looking forward to more cookouts and hanging out together. ~Leslie