Monday, February 4, 2008

It was time

I just couldn't take it any more. I was always brushing my hair out of my eyes. It was a real hassle when I played basketball - I even resorted to wearing a headband one time. But now that I see the before and after, I kind of miss it. Maybe I'll grow it out again!


Anonymous said...

I love you hair both ways, but it is kind of neat seeing your ears again. :)

Rachel said...

awe, bummer ... i was rooting for the longer hair ... now you look so clean-cut ... but i'll bet your wife is happy!

the Peterson family said...

shave it!

Becky said...

To be fair, these photos are not really a good representation of the "before and after".
The lighting is much softer and more flattering in the long hair photo...and it was a good hair moment. (It looks all clean and shiney and out of your face...)
The short hair photo has more harsh light and you don't look nearly as happy. Are you sure you weren't trying to skew the opinions? :)