Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My friend PT

Most of you already know who PT is, but for those of you who don't, let me tell you a little about him.

Matt Peterson, a.k.a. PT, was my best man when I married my beautiful wife. He threw me a great bachelor party, and didn't even force me to do anything embarrassing.

PT is one of the best friends I've ever had. He's definitely the most unique character I've ever known - well, right up there with Chuck Fry!

One of the things we used to call PT in college was, "The Art Guy," and that made him a little mad, because he felt it had some negative connotation to it. But, we called him that because he is very artistic. He's a great graphic designer. In fact, he used to do my job at Nappanee Missionary Church. I know the graphic design I'm doing now is nowhere near his quality, but I can spell better!!!!!!

Anyway, PT has a very unique perspective on life. I always tell people that he thinks about things differently than most people do. Many times he'll come to the same conclusions about things as you or I, but he'll take a very different path to get there.

Several years ago, PT moved to Colorado to follow Jesus' call on his life. He's worked at Ministry organizations and other odd jobs. He married Cassie a few years ago and I'm so happy for him. One day, I even hope to meet her!

I really miss hanging out with PT and all the crazy stuff we used to do together. He introduced me to dumpster diving, which yielded an incredible amount of very useful stuff! His barn was the construction site for our halfpipe Ginger, upon which I broke my left arm. He took me midnight golfing a few times and we also went offroading on several occasions.

If you know PT, you know what a good friend he is and you probably miss him as much as I do.

Thanks for being you, PT!

Here are a few pictures of my adventures with PT.

From left: Steve Dregits, PT, Derry, Chuck and I dressed up like Kiss for a contest at a Bethel basketball game. We won second place, which was free pizza. Not a bad prize for a bunch of college guys!

A game of Buck Buck at PT's house. I don't remember who all was involved but I know to the far left of the bottom row is Joe Wright. On top, from left, are Gabe Wallis, me and PT.

Me and PT after finishing Ginger! Little did I know the pain she would cause me.

Finally, here's another one of Hanah and PT. Obviously, she feels a little more comfortable with him in this one - a little.


Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

Great post Dan. A fitting tribute to one of my favorite people in the whole world. If there were more Matt Petersons the world would be a better (and certainly more interesting) place. Nancy & I both miss him terribly, too. My favorite Matt-ism, while driving on a dark, foggy night: "I can't see a thing. I'm doing this all by sight here."

Rob said...

Lovin' the KISS pic....but a couple of things...

1. Derry doesn't have near enough tongue to pull off the Gene Simmons part.

2. You've nailed Paul Stanley pretty well....but I think you went a little too heavy on the lipstick, big boy....and I don't mind sayin' that makes me a bit uncomfortable... ;^)

the Peterson family said...

Erickson I still remember that saying and it still makes perfect sense to me, why don't you guys get it?

thanks Dan W... it feels good to be noticed in life. I just got done talking to Ericksons grandpa and he made mention to the fact that as he looks back in life he is asking himself "could I have done more?" I hope I can honestly say "no" to that question when I am older.

and what's wrung with my spelling?