Friday, February 22, 2008

Who is that with Hanah?

I think maybe I made the first one too easy, so this one is going to be a bit more challenging.

On the left is my daughter Hanah sometime around the spring of 2003, maybe. Anyway, as you can see she doesn't look all that confident in the person who is holding her. So, who could it be?

I am not giving any hints this time!

By the way, I think most of you already know this, but the answer to the first photo is Derry Prenkert (far left) and Chuck Fry - two of the best friends I've ever had.

I get to work with Derry every day now and pretty soon I'm going to finally get to visit Chuck in his hometown of Los Angeles. Can't wait!

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Shelley said...

Chuck Fry - I haven't seen him since college. His sister Holly was in my class, but who can ever forget Chuck! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.