Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Once Again - The Coolest Wife in the World!

My wife reminded me last night just how amazing she is.

It was our 8-year anniversary and we didn't have any major plans. We figured we would either go out this weekend or sometime during our vacation, which starts next week. So, I was expecting absolutely nothing out of the ordinary when I got home from work last night.

Well, she had some great surprises planned!

Just so the ladies reading this don't think I completely blew it, I did come home with flowers and a card. So, I'm not completely thoughtless.

Anyway, after receiving my gift, my wife brought me inside and my kids yelled, "Surprise!" from the living room. They were waiting with a gift bag and a card for me. Inside was a new set of grill tools - the big, heavy-duty, cut-your-hand-off-if-you're-not-careful kind! It was a great surprise.

But that wasn't the end. My daughter casually said, "I think there might be another surprise for you," and started leading me outside. We got to the van and I could see a huge box covered up with a blanket in the back. I opened the hatch and, you know what's coming, uncovered a brand new grill - the big, heavy-duty, cook-a-dozen-steaks-and-a-pack-of-hot-dogs-while-making-baked-beans-on-the-side-burner kind! Amazing!

She still wasn't done. For dinner, she had steaks (which I cooked on the old grill because assembly of the new one took too long). And, for dessert, she had chocolate ice cream with magic shell topping.

Wow! What else can I say?


Rachel said...

katie rawks!

Corey Mann said...

Francis Chan's book? Thanks for the heads up. I'm between books right now and I really like him.