Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Very Random Post

Things have been quite busy at work lately. There are several big projects intermingled with the usual stuff intermingled with trying to get everything set for while I'm on vacation, so I haven't had much time to post.
But, I just got done with one of the bigger projects (the church newsletter) and have a few minutes, so this is going to be sort of a random thoughts post. Ready? Try to keep up.
Reading/Watching/Listening To:

I haven't done one of these in a long time, mostly because I haven't readm, watched or listened to anything new in a while. But, now I've got some things to share!
I've been listening to a new singer named Brett Dennen a lot lately. I discovered him while listening to a Jack Johnson mix on Pandora. He's classified on iTunes as a folk musician. I like him because he's got a very unique voice combined with some fun acoustic music.

I've also been listening to the new album from Shawn McDonald, called Roots. This new album is definitely worth a listen.

After reading Celebration of Discipline with Dan, I've been struggling to find anything I really wanted to read. Well, that struggle ended today when I found the website for Francis Chan's new book, "Crazy Love." Then I found out that we have a few extra copies here at the church and I can borrow one. I'm thinking I'll start it soon and hopefully finish it up on vacation. We may actually visit Chan's church while we're in California, so that could be pretty cool.

As far as what I've been watching, there's not much to share. I watched a little bit of American Idol, but never really got into it enough to care about who won. Though, I think David Cook could have a great career.

I am planning to go see Prince Caspian with my wife soon - maybe this weekend. I also want to see the new Hulk movie and Hancock. I guess I'm becoming a fan of comic book movies!

Family Update:

My daughter, Hanah, has become very fond of the nature around our house, especially turtles.

My son, David, has become a big fan of Legos. We plan to visit LegoLand while in California.

My wife, Katie, suggested we go fishing the other night - yet another example of why she's awesome!
Our dog, Gus, has developed cataracts on both of his eyes. He is mostly blind, but has some peripheral vision. We found out yesterday that the surgery to fix his eyes will cost around $6,000. Anybody know of a good veterinary school with students that need practice doing cataract surgery (for free)?
Vacation planning:
After the feedback from this post, I've decided to leave the laptop at home and not blog while on vacation. I appreciate your advice, for and against, the idea of chronicling our trip!
Link Love:
Dan got creative while doing some yardwork.
Biz is learning from his son.
Corey is always good for some great videos and this one is fun.
Here's another one from Corey that got me even more excited about the new Hulk movie.
Mustache May update:
If you've been following the slideshow on the right side of this page, you've noticed that I've trimmed off the handlebars. They were itchy and pretty pathetic, so I'm going with the 'stache and soul patch look for the rest of this week!
Mountain Dew Challenge - Part Deux update:
We're currently in the 31st day of the challenge, and it has gone by incredibly fast. I think it's because it's been such a busy time of the year. There have been some tough days, but I've been quenching the cravings with other sweets - not exactly a beneficial practice. So, I've got to work on that.
The end.


Anonymous said...

Dan--I too have been listening to Shawn McDonald's Roots and think it is awesome! And I'm a big fan of Jack Johnson, I'll have to check out that Brett guy you mentioned.

So can Gus live a full live then w/o the surgery?


Todd Owens said...

Have fun on vacation!! I am currently on my first day of mine.

And just to make your vacation time that much more satisfying...have a Mt. Dew...on me.

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