Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Fun

It was a volleyball Saturday. That means Katie is out of town all day and it's just me and the kids together at home.

This was an especially fun one because it wasn't just me and the kids - we had good times with family and friends.

My parents came over to watch the kids while I mowed grass - but my dad ended up doing most of the mowing. He likes my tractor! Then they took us to get ice cream.

After supper, we walked down to the Yoders' house and hung out with them for a while. They always make us feel welcome and their kids love our kids, so it is a lot of fun.

Reid was lighting firecrackers - even some that went off underwater.

The Yoders have a very long pier and our kids love running on it.

I love to watch Hanah run. She's getting so big, it won't be long until she starts playing basketball or volleyball or soccer - or maybe all three and she'll be running all the time.

Yes, that's ice cream. I let them have ice cream twice in the same day. That's what makes days alone with dad so special!

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