Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Daily Design No. 5 - I Need Your Help!

Every year, my church holds a huge event in the fall. In the past it has been considered a Halloween Alternative - but last year, it shifted to an outreach event and that's what it is going to be this year as well.

Last year, we called it the NMC Fall Shabang - a very cheesy name, but it worked pretty well.
I'm working on a design for this year's event, which is going to be called the Shabang again. I'm having quite a bit of trouble coming up with a look/feel for this year, and that's where I need your help.

Below you'll see last year's design (Red/Yellow dots) followed by several ideas for this year. Some of this year's designs are woefully incomplete, but I just wanted to show you some of the ideas I've had.

What I need from you is direction. Should I develop any of the existing ideas, and if so, how? Or, should I go in a completely new direction, and if so, what?

Thanks for your help - you're the best!


Anonymous said...

Love the purple shabang, or the turquoise shabang (last one)! Hey, how's that training coming along....? :) And say hi to the kids for me. :)


Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

I love the look of the purple one- a lot- but I'm not sure if it's right for this. But I would definitely hang on to it for something down the road.

You're right that the name is cheesy, so you need a cheesy design (last year's qualifies). Cheesy isn't all bad, btw:) Anyway, I think you've got something going with the pinwheel idea. It sort of says carnival, which is both fun and cheesy.

Shelley said...

I like the purple/laser looking one. If you don't use it for this, make sure you use it for something. I like the western looking one for this too, but I don't know if people will get it (shabang = bang from a gun). And Shabang is cheesy, this from a fellow NMCer, but my kids think the name is cool.

Rob said...


Not trying to be different than everyone so far...but I like the third one down...it reminds me of the letters on the old "Barnum and Bailey" Circus ads and vehicles....and I think a "Big Top" like theme would fit with a big outreach event like the one you're describing...but that's just my thoughts....they're all good.

Maverick said...

the purple one is by far the best. its contemporary and screams "this event is gonna be sweet!" oh and fyi the new UFC title slides are amazing!

Rachel said...

purple one would be cool if you turned it a bit to make it look like a sparkler was writing the word, instead of the word being over "fire ..." last one (green bullseye) might work better with different colors ... something "fall?"
what immediately comes to me when i read "shabang" is that the words would explode with some kind of confetti from the taller letters ... or "hay" for the fall theme ... us visual folks don't do so well with art=words i guess ...

cbrassi said...

I was also drawn to aspects of the purple design.
In this application, I can see it acquiring more of a firework feel - "Bang!" It would probably need to be more explosive.
The font may need changed to uppercase or something to give it more "bang" too.

I also like Rachel's idea - like the top of a few letters are exploding and spewing forth confetti.

Lynette said...

I like the comic book feel of the first one, but I also like the purple version. You might want to make the words a little bigger, so they don't get too lost in the white swirl.

the Peterson family said...

I'm with Rob on this one. Plenty of room to grow with that direction.