Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Running - Thinking - Realizing

As I was running this morning, I was able to do some thinking and eventually came to a few realizations:

1. The pain in my right leg might be caused by the uneven surface I'm running on. The roads around our house are crowned, so most of my run is not on level ground. I just don't know how to fix the problem - I can't run in the middle of the road where it's level and I don't want to always run on the treadmill. Also, even if I run on the other side of the road it would probably just make my left side hurt. So, anybody have possible solutions?

2. Heading down the homestretch of my run this morning I saw the sun coming up over the tree line near our house. I thought to myself, "Man, I could have watched the sun rise over the lake if I wasn't running." But quickly, I countered myself with, "Yeah, but the running will allow you to see many more sunrises in your life." Good point, self.

3. At some point, my training is going to have to move beyond just the exercise. I've got to start eating better and slow down my pop intake. Also, I've got to try to get more sleep. In the summer it's hard to go to bed early because it doesn't get dark until 10, and when you have to get up at 6, anything later than 10 is getting kind of late.

My goal for tonight: Go to bed no later than 10.
My goal for this week: Drink no pop and eat better.

4. The farther I get into my training, the easier it's becoming. What was once impossible (running for 3 miles) now seems pretty easy. What once seemed impossible (running 13.1 miles) now seems attainable.

Sometimes when I look at my spiritual life, everything seems impossible. It's hard to imagine getting to where I want to be, but I know if I start small and stick with it, things will get easier.

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Anonymous said...

Dan--I ran this morning too! Felt like I was the only person up, glad to hear you were out there pounding the pavement as well! I'd be careful w/ running the uneven could injure your hips, your back, etc. Can you drive somewhere for a better run?
Good job, I admire your determination! :)