Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Half Training: Day 3

Day 3
Run 2 miles - 18:58
Days Until Race: 87
Training Miles Completed: 5
Weight: 183

Today's run was mostly pleasant. I use pleasant because I actually felt pretty good during the run, a pleasant surprise. I didn't walk at all - which I have to admit to doing on Day 2 - and even had some energy left to pick up the pace toward the end of the run. I say "mostly" pleasant because the course I ran today had a big valley in the middle of it. Valleys are good to run into, but not out of.

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, then some cross training Friday followed by a 4-mile run Saturday. Not looking forward to Saturday as much!


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Just a thought...
Valley's in life are kinda like your running valley. They are easy to get into...but harder to get out of.