Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daily Design No. 4

I need your feedback!
This is a possible title slide for the newest sermon series at church. It's a look at God's incredible power vs. life's impossible circumstances. We were going for an Ultimate Fighting Championship look without completely endorsing that sport.
What do you think?


Chris Knight said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

sweet run it
anonymous senior higher at NMC

Anonymous said...

i am completely unfamiliar with ultimate fight whatever so if my comments are way off, definitely disregard ... as a designer, however, i'm intrigued with why you chose to italicize the words. to me it comes off as laid back, but could also represent movement i guess. i'd almost like to see it more of a vertically scaled font or something that's tighter together kerning/tracking/whatever. it seems pretty light and airy as it is, as far as typography is concerned. i'm intrigued by the hand image -- is it dirty or a dark-skinned person? i find myself concentrating on just how wrinkly it looks ... !

Lynette said...

I like it. Similar to Rachel, I tend to not be an italic, sans serif kinda gal, but I think it's okay in this instance.