Thursday, August 2, 2007

My New Love

I love fishing!

I grew up fishing every summer, but then took quite a few years off before picking it back up again when we moved to the lake in September of 2005. This summer I've really gotten into it. I get up almost every morning an hour early and spend an hour out on the pier fishing. I've had a few good days, but mostly I catch small stuff. But I still love it.

The other night I stopped by the Yoders' to ask Neal a question. He was in the midst of re-stringing some fishing reels and we talked for a few minutes. He got one reel finished and asked me to test it out for him. He said, "Here, cast this out and catch a bass." I haven't had too much luck with bass and so I didn't think I could do it. Well, he and I proceeded to catch 7-9 bass in the next 30 minutes. None of them were keepers, but man was it fun.

He told me the secret was the time of day (just after sunset), the bait (Stutzie Bass Killer - see picture above) and the location (just off his property). Now I find myself thinking about fishing almost all the time. I'm slightly obsessed.

I had a dream last night and this is what I saw:
Wish me luck!

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