Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I don't know if the title of this post accurately describes me over the last few days, but I hope so.
The previous post outlined several learning (to serve) opportunities I was going to have this past weekend, and today I'm going to recount how I handled each.

First, the camping trip with my dad was great. The campground was perfect (nothing fancy, but everything we needed) and the fishing was good too. We caught about a dozen fish (maybe more) and kept five. They're still sitting in my fridge, waiting to be cleaned. My wife's not happy about that.
Dad and I agreed that a trip like that would be a great yearly tradition. We'll include my son when he's old enough. So, that alone makes the trip a success in my mind.

As far as learning from my dad, it was another success. He's wise. He's compassionate. He's a servant. I want to follow in his footsteps.

Second, spending time with Derry and Janelle was awesome. We went over for a cookout Sunday after church and then did rode the wave runner. Derry shared something he learned that taught me a lesson, too. He said, "I think if you live on the lake your attitude has to be, 'Yeah, you can use our stuff whenever you want.'" I think you could take the first 8 words out of that sentence and it's a great lesson.
Third, the date with my wife was very enjoyable. I kept it a surprise for her and that made it fun for me. She doesn't do all that well with not knowing what we're doing, but she enjoyed herself. We had dinner and a movie out on the Yoders' pontoon boat. I owe several people for helping make it happen: The Yoders (pontoon), Derry and Janelle (babysitting), Marty and Mindy (portable DVD player). Good friends helped me give my wife a special night - that's a lesson to remember.

Fourth, Derry and I went fishing Monday morning on the Yoders' pontoon (I'm going to fill up their gas tank tonight!). And just like I planned, he talked about "work." It was great. We didn't talk about it a great deal, but just enough for me to see his heart. He also shared some lessons he's learning about prayer (see Derry's post here). Later that day we rode wave runners again, this time loaned to them by Jack and Shelly Lengacher - more generous people.

All in all, a great four days. I had plenty of lessons come my way and now I hope to apply them!

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