Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 In Review

I am not unaware of the fact that reading this blog has gotten quite boring lately. I write it and I'm bored with it! It seems like inspiration has been hard to find lately. That might be because the sun has been hard to find lately, or it might be because I'm having trouble finding the time and motivation to write down my thoughts.

Either way, you deserve better. For those of you who regularly check back here for new content and those who might just happen upon this space for whatever reason, I am going to do better.

I've got an idea for a new series. It's not completely original because it seems lots of people are looking back at the year of 2008 and recalling their favorite significant life-changing wake-up call boring best/worst of the year that is almost over. But, I'm going to do it anyway. Mine is going to take the form of the best/most significant/memorable items from a number of categories. I've got some categories in mind, but nothing set in stone yet.

If you've enjoyed the sports posts, don't worry. They're going to continue. In fact, the next post you read here will be my college bowl game picks. And sometime in the near future there is sure to be a fantasy football season wrap-up. But, there will also be some 2008 In Review posts coming very soon. I promise.

So, don't give up on me!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can rub off some on Craig....his blog has been sports-dry too!!! I find myself not visiting nearly as often haha! :)