Wednesday, December 24, 2008

NFL Predictions - Week 7

Still tied for the lead. Hopefully I can pull away this week!

Rams at Falcons - The Falcons actually still have a chance to win the NFC South, if the Panthers lose at New Orleans. Even if they lose, they're still in the playoffs. What a great story!

Patriots at Bills - Patriots need to win and get some help from the Jets, but I think that's exactly what will happen. Wouldn't it be weird to have a postseason without the Pats?

Chiefs at Bengals - Yucky.

Lions at Packers - There's no way the Lions win at Lambeau. Even with both teams eliminated from the playoffs, I think the Packers will play hard. They don't want to be the only team to lose to the Lions this season.

Titans at Colts - This is a tough one because it's a meaningless game, at least in terms of the playoffs. Do the Colts rest players for the playoffs? Do the Titans rest players? I guess I lean toward the Colts because they've been on a roll and probably want to keep that momentum going.

Giants at Vikings - Giants know they've got a bye in the first week of the playoffs, but the Vikings need this win to just make the playoffs. I'm guessing the Giants take it easy this week.

Panthers at Saints - The division title is still a lot to play for.

Browns at Steelers - Pittsburgh doesn't have much to play for, but this is still a decent rivalry game and I don't think the Browns can beat anybody right now.

Raiders at Buccaneers - Tampa Bay's not out of the playoff picture yet!

Bears at Texans - I really want the Bears to represent the NFC North in the playoffs. They need a win and a Minnesota loss. Or a win and a few other teams to lose to get a wild card.

Jaguars at Ravens - Baltimore is fighting for a playoff spot. Jags are fighting the desire to be done with this disappointing season.

Redskins at 49ers - Flip a coin.

Dolphins at Jets - Jets aren't eliminated yet, but neither are the Dolphins. If the Jets show up on defense, I think they win. A cold day in New York might be the worst thing for the Dolphins.

Cowboys at Eagles - There's too much motivation for the Cowboys not to win this one.

Seahawks at Cardinals - This is the most meaningless game of the season. Arizona is the most meaningless team in the playoffs!

Broncos at Chargers - This is the big one, the one I predicted here (only to count the Chargers out last week). Man, what a collapse by the Broncos. I guess they deserve to get eliminated.

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