Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 In Review: The 30s

During 2008 we celebrated four very significant birthdays. Katie and three of her best friends, Janelle Prenkert, Mindy Graverson and Rachael Thompson each turned 30 this year. That leaves only Mindy's husband Marty as a 20-something among that group of friends. He'll hit 30 some time in 2009.

Janelle's husband Derry set the bar high with a surprise party for Janelle in June. I felt like I had to at least match what he did so I threw Katie a surprise party in August. Then Marty followed suit and surprised Mindy in October. Rachel's husband Jason did not go the surprise route but still threw Rachael a great party to wrap up the celebrations.

Here's a picture of all the girls and some of their parties:

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Those gals are HOT!!! :)