Wednesday, December 3, 2008

NFL Predictions - Week 4

My lead is dwindling, but one good week can boost me back up to a comfortable position. So, that's what I'm aiming for with these picks:

Raiders at Chargers - While things are definitely not going well for the Chargers, I still think there's a slim chance that they could win the division. It may well come down to Week 17 when they host Denver.

Jaguars at Bears - Weren't the Jags supposed to be good this year? As much as I would love to see the Bears and Vikings lose this week to keep Green Bay's hopes alive, I think both will win.

Vikings at Lions - Which of these remaining games do you think the Lions can win: Week 14 vs. Minnesota, Week 15 @ Indianapolis, Week 16 vs. New Orleans, Week 17 @ Green Bay. That's right, I'm calling a winless season for Detroit.

Texans at Packers - I think the Packers will do everything they possibly can to remain in the running for the Division title, but even if they win out it may not be enough.

Browns at Titans - The Titans get two more easy wins before facing Pittsburgh and Indy to end the season. Fortunately for Tennessee, these next two weeks should clinch the division title.

Bengals at Colts - With a slim lead in the Wild Card race, I don't see the Colts taking it easy on anybody the rest of the way.

Falcons at Saints - Falcons continue their comeback and continue to be a major factor in the NFC South.

Eagles at Giants - Until I see someone beat them, I'm convinced that the Giants are the best team in the NFL. Even without Plaxico "Gimpy" Burress.

Chiefs at Broncos - Yuck. I can smell this one already.

Dolphins at Bills - Are you kidding me? The Dolphins' playoff hopes are still alive? Which team is the best story this season: Falcons, Dolphins, Jets or Titans? I can't argue with any of them.

Jets at Niners - Does anyone else feel like the Jets are hanging onto the division lead by a thread? I have to pick at least one upset, right? If I'm correct and if the Dolphins and Patriots win, there's a 3-way tie in the AFC East!

Patriots at Seahawks - But just barely.

Rams at Cardinals - I still think the Cardinals could do some damage in the playoffs, depending on how home field works out.

Cowboys at Steelers - No doubt in my mind that this is the game of the week. Both teams need this one badly. I think the Steelers have the best defense in the league, but the Cowboys can be one of the best offenses in the league. Weather could help the Steelers.

Redskins at Ravens - Not a bad Sunday night game. The Ravens should be more watchable now that they can score some points!

Buccaneers at Panthers - Gruden keeps making himself more and more attractive to a certain college football program, doesn't he?

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